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Beep beep boop beep.

Salutations, Earthlings!

It is I, Robopip, signing in for the week to deliver the FIVE entries that will battle for the prestigious title of Best Forex Trading System for March. Take a look at each one and see which is most interesting for you!

Macfibo System

by sufiansaid

Forum user sufiansaid has been drawing a lot of attention with his Macfibo System. It may seem like your typical moving average crossover system, but it’s not! It takes its game to another level by using Fibonacci levels to pick profit targets.

The Richbugger System

by richbugger

Richbugger combined multiple time frame analysis with moving averages to come up with The Richbugger System.

The creator claims that it performs best on trending markets and that it’s been tried and tested on EUR/USD and GBP/USD. If you ask me, I think you humans will appreciate this system’s simplicity!

Statistical Arb/Pairs Trading Strategy

by Kelton

No indicators here! Kelton’s trading strategy relies on highly correlated currencies. It’s quite a unique approach, and so far, it has bagged him a 43% return on just 13 trades!

Gypsy Pippin System

by digitalgypsy

Digitalpipsy’s Gypsy Pippin System buys and sells based on crossovers found in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator – a common favorite on my planet!

Though the system works best on the 1-hour time frame, digitalgypsy claims that you can use it on any pair. He’s so confident in it, that he’s already begun trading it live!

The 3 Ducks’ Trading System

by Captain Currency (submitted by Ray_1)

Senior forum member Ray_1 turns the spotlight on a crowd favorite, The 3 Ducks’ Trading System by Captain Currency. The system makes use of three-time frames (4-hour, 1-hour, and 5-minute chart) but it only uses the 60-period simple moving average (60 SMA) for its indicator. Simple enough for you? Many think so too!

There you have it, humanoids. Five different entries, but there can only be one winner. Which of these systems will you most likely use? Cast your vote before Tuesday, April 3, 2012 to make sure it counts!

Remember, the winning system will not only be backtested by yours truly, but its maker will also join the ranks of winstonreed and paulaelli in the Best Forex Trading Systems Hall of Fame.

Oh and have I mentioned that the system will be featured on’s home page FOR A MONTH? Lots are at stake here, Earth beings, so make sure you vote wisely!