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Ding, ding, ding! Time is up, earthlings. The invasion begins… Oops, what I mean is, voting for July’s Best Forex Trading System (BFTS) is now open!

There were four brave souls who answered the call and submitted their systems. Here they are:

MA Fracker by TyrannosaurusForex

A proud graduate of the School of Pipsology, TyrannosaurusForex saw the BFTS contest as an opportunity for him to put his knowledge to the test. He constructed the MA Fracker to see if he can come up with a mechanical strategy that could give him positive returns.

As the name suggests, MA Fracker uses moving averages: EMA (5) and SMA (13). The RSI (13) is also used to determine exit levels as well as filter fakeouts.

Simple & Almost Naked by blizzard

Blizzard has been around the forex trading scene for a few years. Now, he has decided to share his pip-generating system with everyone!

Scalpers will love blizzard’s creation! The Simple & Almost Naked system is used on the 1-minute timeframe of EUR/USD and GBP/USD with the Swing_ZZ (downloadable in his thread) as its sole indicator.

CCI/Coral Breakout System by travelkeon

Travelkeon has searched for three long years, going from system to system, but he thinks he has finally found the one for him. Introducing the CCI/Coral Breakout System!

It may not offer the best reward-to-risk ratios, but it makes up for it with an awesome win rate – it wins 8 out of 10 times, according to travelkeon! He uses it on the 5 minute time frame, and it looks as though it can be applied to just about any pair.

If you’d like to learn more about this unique approach that uses the Coral and CCI indicators, all you have to do is drop by travelkeon’s thread!

Triple Threat Exit Strategy by pipwoof

No indicators, no formulas. That’s how the Triple Threat Exit Strategy works! As the name implies, this system primarily involves exit strategies.

The creator, pipwoof, claims that it racked up a total of 31,000 pips across four different currency pairs over the past 18 months. He even posted a chart of the Triple Threat Exit Strategy’s equite curve! But be warned: you may have to watch the markets like a hawk to trade this system properly.

You humans better choose wisely because the winning entry will be inducted into the Best Forex Trading System Hall of Fame and will be featured on the homepage for an entire month.

Also, in observance of the “You Trade, We Aid campaign,” the winner will get to donate $50 to a charity of his choice among the Golden List of Charities. And that’s not all! If possible, I will personally backtest and grade a mechanized version of the winning system!

How’s that for a deal, eh, humanoids?

Get your fleshy parts moving quickly because you only have until Tuesday, July 31, 2012 to cast your votes! What are you waiting for? Let the voting commence!