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Beep boop beep beep!

The end is near, Earthlings! I’m not talking about the inevitable alien invasion, but the August best forex trading contest! In a couple of days, we’ll finally know which system deserves to be part of the history as of August’s Best Forex Trading System.

If my memory chip is as squeaky clean as I remember, both of our entries this month have been submitted before but hadn’t quite made the cut against the more popular entries.

I know you humans just love second chances (especially when it comes to relationships), so without further ado, here are the two systems asking for another shot!

CCI Coral Breakout System by travelkoen

System trader travelkoen has some specific rules about his system, so pay attention, you must! He only uses the CCI and Coral indicators, but you have the option to add support and resistance lines to your charts.

He says he uses the 5-minute time frame, but you can also use the higher time frames provided that you adjust your stop-loss levels. Last but not the least, this system can be used in just about any currency pair.

If you want to know more about the CCI Coral Breakout System, you can give a shoutout to travelkoen at his thread in the Free Forex Trading Systems section.

Red Light Green Light by vincejg327

Does the system sound familiar to you? That’s because it has been entered before. In fact, I have already backtested it in the past!

The Red Light Green Light system is said to be adaptable to all time frames. However, creator vincejg327 prefers to apply it on a 15-minute timeframe.

It’s completely mechanical. If you want to know how it works, you will only need to set up the EMA (9), ADX (14), and ATR (14). Also, make sure that you read through the discussions as well as the attached PDF to understand the system better.

There you have it, Earthlings! Now, vote you must.