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There are a handful major points that have kept me productive through what can be considered a challenging time in the markets.

The overall U.S. dollar is weakness reflecting that the Fed will likely note hike this year…

Traders are holding their breath that the ECB may use stimulus even though it seems that there are many doubts that Draghi will do little more than jawbone his currency lower…

The renminbi has broken its downtrend as traders downplay the risk of another sudden currency devaluation but the Chinese stock market remains under pressure…

The Bank of Japan has – for now – drawn in a line in the in the sand with their recent intervention, doing their best to deliver pain for JPY buyers that are rallying the yen…

Takeaways from the video:

– Know the Individual Currency Story you are focusing on
– Have a “Do Not Trade” list of currencies you are going to sidestep
– Focus on the best “Contrasts”
– Day trade to avoid relying on session to session follow-through

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