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Whether it’s in sports, career, or forex trading, the first step in discovering your niche is to always do a self-critical assessment. Think about what you can be best at. Ask yourself: What am I good at? What are my weaknesses? What am I most passionate about?

As a trader, you can ask yourself, where can I be most profitable?

forex personality quiz

Keep in mind that the ideal trading niche is one the fits your personality and your abilities. So if your forex trading stats aren’t what you hoped for after a good amount of trades, maybe you need to try new methods to discover what works for you.

One great way to get to know yourself better and find your trading niche is by taking personality quizzes. And no, I’m not talking about quizzes like “What’s your spirit animal?” or “Which Riverdale character are you?”

I’m referring to those quizzes created to match your personality with trading methods or risk management strategies that could work best for you.

Lucky for you, we here at decided to put together a set of personality quizzes to help you find your corner in the sky. Check ’em out:

Which trading style is best for you?

Which currencies should you trade?

What is your level of trading experience?

Should you be a discretionary or mechanical trader?

What kind of mechanical system suits your personality?

What is your attitude towards risk?

What kind of stop suits your trading style?

At the end of each quiz, we’ve also included a set of pages to visit and suggested readings tailor-fit for your results.

Of course, it’s still important to take the results with a grain of salt. The results you get are just recommendations based on your answers and are meant to get you onto the right path.

That said you shouldn’t completely box yourself to your results — these recommendations are just the beginning and as you get better, keep an open mind to all new experiences and realities to help you evolve and grow your forex trading abilities.

Play around with these quizzes and see if you can learn something new about yourself!

Or, if you’re not feeling like taking personality-related quizzes right now, then you can kill time with our new set of cool quizzes.