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For those of you who follow my picks regularly (in which I greatly appreciate), you may have noticed an error in my short entry order last night. Instead of short at 1.2290, it was supposed to be 1.2190. While I could respond and send a corrected level to those who emailed me, I couldn’t correct the webpage. Unfortunately, after I send the pick out to our web guy to post, I am unable to make any changes and corrections. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in your demo trading! In the next version of BabyPips, I will be able to post picks directly, which means I can update trade ideas during the day, and visitors like you will be able to ask questions and comment directly on the site. It’s going to be exciting!

Well, the greenback got a shot of adrenaline today as traders strengthened the currency after the news of a foiled terrorist attack. We also saw revisions of previous US trade balance reports which led to an ever so slight decrease in the trade deficit – good for the US dollar. So, the pair jumped up, but our trade was able to only catch the tail end of the move. We missed pt1 by 6 pips, and eventually we got stopped out! Doooooohhhhh!!!

Lot 1: -20 pips

Lot 2: -20 pips

Total: -40 pips

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