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I’ve been waiting to get an easier-to-install version of my GRaB candles and 34EMA Wave plug-in…and it’s finally here.

On the chart I use here at Chartology, you’ll notice that I have a particular set of moving averages and color-coded candles that help me identify the trend, momentum, and sentiment of the market.

Market trends or phases are the first step of my trading approach which means that before I enter a trade I must determine the market’s psychology which is revealed by its movement.

You can learn more about it GRaB and download the plug-in (free) from

There are two videos also available at the link to teach you more about how I analyze the markets using my 34EMA Wave and GRaB candles.

Watch my ForexAM show where I discuss my daily set ups at StockTwits.TV

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