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Say hello to the newest BabyPips member:

While it has been fun taking up this new sport of pip surfing I must say that I, Big Pippin, am not the best fit for this job. So as of next week I will be stepping down and passing on the Cowabunga System to the newest member of the BabyPips team.

Originally born in a remote town in California, he was always a natural wonder at riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean. As a kid, he would wake up early every morning to see the sunrise and head out to the sea where he would ride the waves until the sun would set.

As he got older, he only got better and he decided to pack his bags and move to Hawaii where he had heard about waves being as big as 8 story buildings. Being a thrill seeker, he dedicated his life to mastering the art of riding these enormous waves and pretty soon he became a local legend. The locals called him "Owa Tafu Liam" which meant "Crazy One" because he was the only one that dared to take on the biggest waves of Hawaii.

As with all good things, over time, Owa Tafu Liam realized that surfing the ocean waves was no longer exciting. Hanging out at the local watering hole, he met a guy there who was on vacation. He introduced himself as Dr. Pipslow and told Owa all about the Forex. Seeing as how Owa was looking for a new thrill he agreed to become Dr. Pipslow’s apprentice and began his training as a Forex trader.

Through his training, Owa experienced up and downs. His thrill of excitement often resulted in him overtrading and he experienced many tough losses. Once he learned how to control his impules he realized that trading had many similarities to surfing. He found that like the ocean, the market had many types of conditions, and that how if he picked the right conditions, he would often catch that perfect "wave".

Today, Owa has honed his trading skills and has become an expert at finding the right conditions for catching good market waves. His excitement now comes from helping others learn from his mistakes and hopefully turn them into awesome Forex wave riders! Some call him a legend. Others still call him Owa Tafu Liam. At, we call him….Pip Surfer!

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