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I’ve just finished crunching the numbers for this mechanical system for Q4 and for the entire 2020. Did it score big gains this year?

If this is the first time you’re reading about this strategy, I suggest you take a look at the system rules before reading on.

Also, this version makes use of an adjusted stop loss size (from the original 20% of the first candlestick to 40% of its length) on both USD/JPY and GBP/JPY.

Note that I’m assuming 1% risk per position in crunching the percentage gains and losses.

Here’s the tally for USD/JPY:

For this pair, the strategy caught a pretty impressive 9.53% gain in Q4, higher compared to the previous quarter’s 5.32% win but still lower versus Q2 and Q1.

Its win rate of 57.14% is an improvement over the earlier 48.39% figure while its average win of 1.33% is lower. The average loss is still close to 1.00% since most losing plays wound up hitting their stops.

The maximum winning streak of 8.79% over seven trades is nearly double the maximum loss of 4.48%. All in all, it was a good run for USD/JPY then!

Here’s how GBP/JPY turned out:

Check out that 19.84% win on Guppy!

Guppy was able to bag a total of 482 pips, which is stellar compared to its Q3 2020 winnings and right in line with Q2’s profits.

Its average win of 1.28% is not too far from the average loss of 0.91%, but this pair made up for it with a high expectancy.

Its win rate of 79.17% is also an notable improvement over that of the previous period, along with a much longer winning streak of 8 trades that generated 9.37% in winnings.

With that, the Inside Bar Momentum Strategy was able to end up with 29.37% in gains for the quarter.

For 2020, USD/JPY wound up with a total of 43.15% in profits while GBP/JPY racked up a whopping 55.05% gain… and not a negative quarter in sight!