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Close Open Orders: 2009-07-10 15:40

Yo Yo! Man, it looks like my trade never materialized as USDCHF barely missed the 1.0950 level before dropping down to 1.0800 and beyond. Doh! It’s the end of the week and time to relax the mind, and to avoid event risk as well I have decided to close out my open orders.

Close Open Short Orders on USDCHF at 1.0950. No trade.

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Trade Idea: 2009-07-07 19:55

PoD Chart

Good evening everyone! I don’t usually watch USDCHF, but the market has been rangebound for the past couple of months. With the pair rising towards the top of the range, is it time to short again?

This is a pretty straightforward play as traders haven’t let the market get past 1.0950 – 1.1000 area, and with stochastics indicating the market is nearing over bought conditions we may see another reversal.

Fundamentally, both countries have their issues. The US is fighting the continuing credit crisis, rising unemployment, and the housing falling out. The Swiss have initiated currency intervention actions to weaken the Swiss Franc and prevent further damage to their economy. They have their own unemployment issues as well as we may see later today on the calendar. It’s no wonder why this pair has been rangebound – traders can’t decide on who has it worse!

So, I am playing a simple range play and with no major sentiment shifting data that I can foresee, I don’t think there will be a break in the range just yet. Here is what I am going to do:

Short USDCHF at 1.0950, stop at 1.1050, pt1 at 1.0850, pt2 at 1.0650

Remember to never risk more than 1% on any single trade. Adjust position sizes accordingly.

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