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As I have said in my trade review, it’s been a frustrating month of November. Actually, even though we have come out positive in October and September, it’s been a frustrating few months. The forex market has been in a period of low volatility it hasn’t seen in a few years, making it a difficult trading environment for my methods. I am going to take an early weekend to clear my mind and reevaluate my perception of the current market environment. Hopefully, I can comeback next week with a fresh outlook and ready to collect some pips. Like I’ve said to many of you in email or chat, the forex market is dynamic, fast and ever changing, so we must learn to adapt and overcome those changes to stay ahead of the game. We have the rest of the month to get out of our rut, so let’s clear out the bad juju, get focused and finish strong!

So we don’t end today’s post on a down note, here’s a bit of good news. I just wanted to let everyone now that v2 is almost here! We’re currently testing out the new site now, but as an appreciation to our loyal viewers, we’re giving all of our newsletter subscribers first peek at the NEW and IMPROVED features! So, if you’re not already signed up, what are you waiting for…sign up now!

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