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“Grab” charts are a visual cue to let you know at a glance whether prices are trading within, above, or below the Wave.

My plug-in works on the MT4 platform and as far as I can tell any version. This is nothing more than the same color coding that has been a part of my eSignal plug for about seven years. It’s not a system or anything like that…let me be clear about that…although certainly there are system ideas that could be devised from price movement up and down through my Wave. You read about what I do with “grab charts” here. There are plenty of visual cues that can be picked up from where prices are in relation to the dynamic support and resistance of the Wave.

Since I will be using these “grab” colored charts in here and wanted to be sure that if you wanted to try them too that the plug-in is available to you, the download link is just below…

I’m not customer support and I’m certainly no MT4 expert so if you need to know how to use indicators on your MT4, check the help and support docs. After unzipping the file, I put the “Raghee’s Indicator.mq4″ in the “indicators” folder. You can find this if you go into you C: drive -> Program Files -> MetaTrader (or whatever version of MT4 you are using is called) -> experts -> indicators

download ex4

download mq4


Thanks to for the MT4 programming.

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