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As you can see we had a pretty go month in April. We’re finally seeing breakouts and trends form in the currency markets as the US dollar is starting to weaken. If you remember, I had technical difficulties the second week of April, so we only had one trade. Who knows what it may have been if we were able to trade that whole week.

For those of you who have followed my “Picks of the Day” for a while you can see a strategy change as I am incorporating more fundamental analysis in my picks. This will continue, and I will review my picks as if two lots were traded and give you the pip totals for each lot.

Well, it’s the start of May, and I hope we can continue our recent success!

April 3 – April 7 +49 pips

April 10 – April 14 +15 pips

April 17 – April 21 +106 pips

April 24 – April 28 +39 pips

Total: +209 pips

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