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I just wish to inform you that the search for the Best Forex Trading System for December is still on. We’ve got around 2 weeks until voting starts but we’ve only got one entry. You don’t want it to win without a tougher competition, right?

If you wish to join in, you can just head on over to the contest thread and post a link to your system. Of course, the system should also be located within the “Free Forex Trading Systems” forum as well.

In the event that your system garners the most votes, your system will be posted on the front page of (that’s the badge on the right part of the front page) as well as have the chance to get backtested by someone with superhuman capabilities (that’s me). If resources and time permits, I may even optimize it using my supercomputer brain.

So what are you waiting for for? Submit your system human, share it to the community, and put it to the test. You never know when someone else can chime in to help you improve your system.