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What should traders do when they’re in a slump? Why, take a break, of course!

Since my trades haven’t been going well for me lately, I decided to take a breather and create a way for my fellow comdoll traders to share trade ideas. What’s more, I’ll be posting a trade idea each day! Introducing… my Happy Comdoll Corners!

Sulking in corner

This will be the forum for us, comdoll enthusiasts, to help each other out, comment on trade ideas, and hopefully learn from each other. Whether you’re a newbie, an expert, a frustrated trader, a kind soul… You’re very welcome to share your opinion, so don’t be shy!

Just make sure you check our forum rules so you don’t end up getting banned.

If you wanna talk about trade setups for USD/CAD or potential support areas for crude oil, my Happy Corner for Loonie pairs is the place to be! Of course, the discussion won’t be limited to just USD/CAD. Taking a look at Loonie crosses would be totally fine, too.

AUD/USD trade setups or just about anything that’s related to the Australian dollar go in my Happy Corner for Aussie pairs. You can even talk about the price action of gold as well as China’s economy or the PBoC’s moves in that thread also!

Trade setups or news that are related to NZD/USD or just the Kiwi can be posted on my Happy Corner for Kiwi pairs. Comment on my trade ideas, share Kiwi trade setups, talk about Kiwi-related events, it’s all good on this forum thread.

Again, don’t hesitate to point out the things I’m missing or if my fundamental perspective or technical analysis is completely off. I created these threads so that I could read your thoughts on my trade ideas. Always remember that I don’t hate, I appreciate!

Hey, even FX-men can use your feedback and moral support from time to time, so make sure you drop by and say hello, all right?

So do you think these Happy Comdoll Corners will help you trade the commodity-related currencies? It’s still a pretty rough draft, of course. To help me refine the threads better, you can drop your suggestions on the box below, or just hit me up through my @happy_pip Twitter account and Playing with Comdolls Facebook page!

Happy time

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