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The markets are quiet ahead of the Bank of England Interest Rate decision and the Easter holiday, so it doesn’t look like we have any trading opportunities at the moment. I’d like to take this bit of down time to introduce the newest team member, Cyclopip! Here’s his story:

Cyclopip hails from the beautiful island of Pipolopolis in the Mediterranean Sea where Dr. Pipslow takes his yearly summer sailing trips. On occasion, Dr. Pipslow would stop on the island for the beautiful scenery, the friendly people, and the best gyros at the world famous “Gyros and Waffles,” which was owned by Cyclopip. Dr. Pipslow loved it there. Cyclopip always gave him as much gyros and waffles as he could eat, and the two had long conversations about life, love, sailing, and how to make the perfect gyro.

One summer, Dr. Pipslow came to Pipolopolis, ready for some hearty eating, but “Gyros and Waffles” was gone. He came to find out that a terrible storm came a few months earlier and wiped out his beloved eating establishment off the face of the island. Appearantly, Cyclopip didn’t have insurance to rebuild, so he became a sheep herder on the other side of the island.

Dr. Pipslow felt terrible about the situation, so he set out to find Cyclopip to see if there was anything he could do for his old friend. Eventually, Dr. Pipslow found Cyclopip tending to his sheep, looking very tired and unhappy. “Hello my friend,” greets Dr. Pipslow. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing okay,” replies the sheep herder. “Thank you. I guess you heard about ‘Gyros and Waffles?”

“Yes, very unfortunate. I was looking forward to some fresh gyros. Is there anything I can do to help you rebuild it?” asks Dr. Pipslow.

“No, I think I’m done with gyros and waffles. I’ve made the best in the world. I think I need a new challange.”

Dr. Pipslow smiles and says, “Oh, really?”

Dr. Pipslow begins to tell Cyclopip the life of a Forex trader and how it can be the biggest challange anyone in this world can take. After hearing his friend describe this world of pips, charts, and trading, Cyclopip jumps up enthusiastically and says, “How do I learn? Where do I start?”

“I’m glad you asked!” replies the good doctor. “My friend, I will be happy to teach you what I know.”

So, the two set off onto Dr. Pipslow’s boat and off to the School of Pipsology to begin his training.

It has been a while since he began and now we think our good friend Cyclopip is ready to take on the challange of helping newbies by sharing his training and thoughts in “Currency-Cross Eyed!” Let’s all welcome the newest member and wish him good luck and good trading!

By the way…don’t ask him if he was in the movie, “Monsters Inc.” He hates that. That wasn’t him. That guy had two horns; Cyclopip has one… got it? Thanks 🙂

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