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Overall, 2011 was a good year for me. I may not have found a boyfriend but at least I’m ending it with my trading account in the green. Yay! Besides, who needs a boyfriend anyway??

I had a total of 19 triggered trades for the year. 11 of those ended up as winners, 7 as losers, and my very last trade for the year closed at breakeven. Consequently, this translated to a 2.75% gain on my account.

Date Triggered Trades Gain/Loss
1/20/2011 EUR/USD: The Trend is My Friend 0.57%
1/25/2011 GBP/USD: Trend Line Break 0.55%
2/9/2011 Possible Long Trade on USD/JPY 1.65%
2/17/2011 EUR/USD: The Perfect Setup? -1.00%
3/1/2011 USD/JPY: I Bought! 0.65%
3/9/2011 EUR/USD: Is 1.4000 a Top? -1%
4/26/2011 USD/JPY: Going Against the Trend -1%
5/9/2011 EUR/USD: New Yearly Highs in the Making? -1%
5/12/2011 Trading the News: U.K. Inflation Report 1%
5/24/2011 EUR/USD: Shorting on a Pullback 0.52%
6/15/2011 GBP/USD: Buying the Dip -0.50%
6/23/2011 USD/CHF: Short at First Sight 0.35%
10/18/2011 GBP/USD: Triple Top Forming? 1.34%
11/3/2011 Trading the Downtrend on GBP/USD -1%
11/10/2011 GBP/USD: Severely Oversold? -1%
11/23/2011 GBP/USD: Trading the Bearish Flag 1.10%
12/1/2011 Will GBP/USD Continue Trading Higher? 0.19%
12/8/2011 EUR/USD: Eyeing Resistance at the Falling Trend Line 1.33%
12/15/2011 USD/JPY: Short at Major Resistance 0.00%
  Total 2.75%

I know that ain’t much. But we all have to start somewhere, right? I’m really happy that I am able to conclude my second year of trading with a gain. Now I see myself as a breakeven trader after paring the loss I incurred in my first year of trading.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2012 would be a profitable year for me. Looking back on the year that was, I think I was able to address the issues I had with my trading performance in 2010. For one, I did a better job in incorporating fundamental analysis to my trades. The discrepancy between my average wins and losses also improved from last year which implies that in general, the setups I took had relatively good reward-to-risk ratios.

Over the past year, I have also become more careful with my entries. More often than not, I waited for confirmation (i.e. candlestick patterns, Stochastic hitting overbought/oversold conditions) before taking trades. This has saved me from a few fakeouts which have otherwise burned my account. Whew!

But of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done. For instance, I think I should learn how to press my trades and keep my emotions in check when I’m trading. There were times when I feel like I could’ve made more money had I added more positions or held on to my trades. Meanwhile, calmly researching about the reason behind a strong, abrupt move in price and not panicking could’ve allowed me to end certain trades with wins.

These are only a couple of things that I will be working on in the coming year. And you know what else I’ll be working on too? My HLHB System. The Trend Catcher has served me well, but I really think that it’s not the system for me. I’ve spent some time tweaking it and I’ll be ready to share it with you next year. Stay tuned!

Okay, that’s all I have for y’all now. I’m off to spend quality time with the fam bam. Merry Christmas everyone!



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