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I know how y’all love to look at trading performance and track records, so I decided to put together a nice little post showing how much I earned (or lost) on my discretionary trading system for the first quarter of 2011. I hope you like it!

Here’s a complete list of ALL my trade ideas for the first quarter of 2011 and their corresponding result:

1. EUR/USD: Waiting to Pull the TriggerDid not trigger
2. EUR/USD: The Trend is My Friend+75 pips / +0.57%
3. GBP/USD: Trend Line Break?+110 pips / 0.55%
4. GBP/USD: Waiting for a BreakoutDid not trigger
5. Possible Long Trade on USD/JPY+287 pips / +1.65%
6. EUR/USD: Perfect Setup?-102 pips / -1.0%
7. USD/JPY: I Bought!+110 pips / +0.65%
8. EUR/USD: Is 1.4000 a Top?-159 pips / -1.0%
9. Long CHF Trades in Fashion Again?Did not trigger
10. EUR/USD: Buying on a RetracementBreakeven
11. GBP/USD: Straddle Trade Triggered+165 pips / 0.86%

For the first quarter of 2011, I had a grand total of 11 trades. Out of those 11 trades, 3 did not trigger, 5 were winners, 2 were losers, and 1 was breakeven. My net pip gain was 486 pips, which translated to a 2.28% increase in my account balance. I also just took profit on my EUR/USD trade, so now it’s actually higher. Yipee!

I know 2.28% may seem small to ya’ll, but when I compared my performance to big hedge funds, I’m actually doing okay (or at least I think so). The Barclay’s Currency Trader Index shows that it’s down 0.22% year-to-date. So if any of you are doing better than -0.22%, give yourself a round of applause.

However, I think I could have maximized my profits had I added more positions to some of my trades. I had a lot of opportunities to do so, but I never had the guts to jump in again. I guess I let my fear of losing keep me from aiming for higher returns.

Reflecting upon this thought, I realized that adding to a winner is not that much different from using make up. Sure, a winning trade by itself is as great as you’re amazing just the way you are (that’s how my future boyfriend Bruno Mars would put it). But maybe adding positions and using a little powder and lipstick will make you even MORE amazing! Now who wouldn’t want that? Assuming of course, that you know what you’re doing.

So I’ll try to work on this in the coming weeks and hopefully be able to execute that perfect trade by adding based on VALID setups!

I’m still backtesting my new HLHB system, and so far so good! It definitely generates a lot of signals but it gets a couple too many fakeouts. Stay tuned next week for the results!

Oh! Last but definitely not the least, thanks for all your tweets! I’m feeling the love and I’m so overwhelmed by it that I think I’m gonna ask my boss for Twitter breaks so I can talk to y’all. Ha! (I’m not keeping my hopes up that he’ll say yes though)

That’s all I have for now. Skadoosh!

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