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EUR/USD 4-hour Chart

As you can see, I got a couple of signals from my HLHB system this week. I guess it felt bad for giving me nothing to work with last week. Hah!

The first one was a valid signal to sell EUR/USD, but Stochastic kept me from entering it because it was already oversold. It’s a good thing because price climbed soon after. Dodged a bullet there!

Then there’s the bad news. The very next day, my system gave be the go signal to go long.

Gosh, I swear this system is just like my mom sometimes. It can’t make up its mind!

Anyway, I was prepared to buy it, but it didn’t hit my 30-pip filter after the crossover. What a pity! I would be up a few pips now if I entered the trade. Oh well, no worries. This could very well be just a fakeout! I trust that my system knows best (just like my mom). Love you, Ma!

Enough about my personal life…

This week, talks about the Fed launching QE dominated the market sentiment. However, what made it different from the last was the ECB’s noticeable laid-back attitude in regard to the euro’s strength.

It isn’t that surprising though. I mean, the reports that we saw this week seem to suggest that the economy is doing A-okay despite the currency’s hustle on the charts.

So, given the divergence in the Fed’s and the ECB‘s monetary policies, the euro lovin’ kept on comin’ like text messages from my date I told you about earlier this week – like there’s no tomorrow! I told you I’d wow him with my new hairstyle.

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