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EUR/USD 4-hour Chart

Boo hoo! I almost got a potential signal but Stochastic is already over the 80 mark! The next candle also hasn’t shown signs of hitting the 30 pip filter as well.

I’m still bummed out that I missed that move from a couple weeks back. If I had just gotten in on that trade, then I would have gotten a bajillion pips. Okay not a bajillion, but enough for my next date. That’s right – I’m an independent woman! Although if you guys want to send me a couple of LV bag or an iPad for Christmas, I wouldn’t mind.

Speaking of dates, I’ve got a hot date tonight… with Harry Potter! Ooooh, I can’t wait to watch the 7th movie! I just know it’ll be worth the wait! My only problem is that I don’t have reserved seating! I will Avada Kedavra anyone who gets in my way! Don’t mess with me! I’m legit – I’m from the Gryffindor house (I did the Facebook app – teehee).

If there’s anything more exciting than a Quidditch match, it’s this week’s price action! Risk sentiment kept shifting on a dime as traders reacted to economic events, such as updates on the Irish bailout plan, more speculations about the Fed’s QE2, Prince William‘s engagement to Kate Middleton *sob*…

Hey, I’m serious about the last one! I read an article on Bloomberg saying that this royal wedding could significantly boost retail sales and production in the U.K. as manufacturers eagerly jumped on the opportunity to make wedding souvenirs and commemorative giveaways. In fact, their wedding is estimated to add 620 million GBP to the U.K. economy since it positively affects consumption and tourism.

Anyway, it looks like risk appetite is back in the game for now as Ireland insisted that it doesn’t need a bailout – it just needs a loan. What’s the difference? I bet our resident economic guru Forex Gump has some thoughts on that, so we all better watch out for his take on the Irish debt situation.

Okay, I got little way too ditzy on this post, but… It is MY blog so I can do anything I want! Hah! See you next week folks… Have a good weekend.

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