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PoD Chart

I popped up my HLHB charts and I saw a lovely purple candle, indicating a downward crossover… but once again, I couldn’t enter! The 30 pip filter didn’t get hit and I failed to catch that 250 to 300 pip move. Gosh darn it! I keep missing out on all these nice moves!

What the Huck is wrong with my system! I haven’t had a signal in about a month! I think I need to make some adjustments on my mechanical system. Any suggestions fellas? A different oscillator? Reduce my 30-pip filter? Opinions please!

In any case, this week proved to be an exciting one. The wild ride all started on Monday, when Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest securities firm in the world, was accused of defrauding their investors. This caused a serious round of risk aversion, pushing the dollar higher against most major currencies.

Needless to say, the case had a huge impact on market sentiment. I mean imagine that… Placing your hard earned money in company that will use it in high risk ventures without telling you about it! Goldman sucks, if you ask me!

Then again, I guess these are all just unproven allegations. In fact, the equities market rallied sharply when the votes on the charge that was pressed against the firm only showed a 3-2 count, suggesting that the US Securities and Exchange Commision’s evidence was not compelling enough.

Then, on Thursday, when I thought the market was settling down, it took another spike downwards when the concerns regarding Greece’s debt situation resurfaced. According to Eurostat, Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio will spike to around 14% by the end of 2010, higher than the 12.7% they predicted initially!

Sooner or later, I think Greece will be forced to tap its rescue package that was provided by other euro zone member nations and the International Monetary Fund. Things are looking pretty grim for Greece…

What’s next? Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester find themselves madly in love with each other on Glee? Batman making an appearance on Iron Man 2? Huck gets a boyfriend? Hah, I wish!

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