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The signal from two weeks ago turned out to be a huge winner, bagging me 122 pips.

Unfortunately, the HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0 was more or less breakeven last week.

It had 2 winning trades, 2 losing trades, and a lot of invalid signals!

The signal from two weeks ago: Short at 1.3167. Trailing stop hit at 1.3045. +122 pips.


Last week’s HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0 Trades:

1. Long at 1.3046. Trailing stop hit at 1.3098. +52 pips.
2. Short at 1.3100. Closed on new crossover at 1.3142. -42 pips.
3. Long at 1.3142. Closed on new crossover at 1.3123. -19 pips.
4-7. Invalid signals since RSI did not cross the 50.0 level each time.
8. Short at 1.3117. Trailing stop hit at 1.3108. +9 pips.
9. Invalid signal since RSI crossed over 50 already the candle before.
10. Invalid signal since the RSI did not cross 50.
11. Invalid signal since RSI was already above 50 when the crossover happened.
12. Invalid signal since RSI was at 46.54 already before the crossover.
13. Invalid signal since RSI value was at 56.05 the candle before the crossover.

If you tally all the pips I lost and gained, you will get a grand total of…

*drum roll please*

ZERO pips! Yes, that’s right! Hopefully, this week will be different.

GBP/USD Trade – Cancelled


I was right about anticipating Cable to move higher.

Sadly though, the pair didn’t pull back to the 1.6000 handle and trigger my trade. Boo!

Oh well! It appears that the relatively successful Spanish bond auction sustained risk appetite and allowed the pound to extend its rally.

Hmmm, I wonder, will we continue to see GBP/USD post new monthly highs this week?

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