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I did a one-hour webinar this part weekend and it was about the seven keys to my trading that I introduced here yesterday. The series will continue but I thought I’d share the notes that I used in the presentation. I’m not a big Powerpoint fan so I usually just use Word to outline what I am talking about and to keep me on track. I like keeping these notes for myself as well because they often are the inspiration for future blog updates and articles…hope they are of help.

A quick review…the keys are:

1. calendar

2. trading times

3. Directional Bias

4. market trends & clarity

5. levels “in play”

6. proximity/volatility

7. harmony

Now it’s not just about entry strategies but knowing how to recognize the environment you are trading. For me trading is more about the “right too for the right job” when it comes to my set ups. I think it’s less about a set up being “good” or “bad” but rather how it’s applied. Think about it. Right here at the Baby Pips site and forum we have discussions and explanations of dozens if not hundreds of entry strategies. The key to success for those using them is knowing WHEN and WHAT ENVIRONMENT they are best used.

Organizing Your Trading Day EDIT

By the way, I have a ton of older posts that include webinar video right here at the Chartology blog at Baby PIps…here’s one from a little over a year ago about gauging risk and reward expectations:

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