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In this week’s market outlook presentation, I discuss which individual currencies are on my Radar and which pairs on my Watchlist.  I focus on the individual currency story first and from there I can determine whether it is a currency strength or weakness story.  And then, I look for the pair that offers me the best shot at what I call a “push/pull” so that there’s a better chance that the pair can “fire on both cylinders.”  This is ideal.

I also take a look at the U.S. Dollar Index as it will continue to strengthen as a “side effect” of the EUR weakness. But the Fed has derailed the young uptrend on the daily chart of the DX contract, so my expectations are now different and reflect a sideways chop market trend.

I also briefly cover the JPY and the risk environment, as well as the NOK and how I “get to know” a pair if I have not traded it in some time…or ever…

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