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Here are the numbers! I must say, while the overall profit was lower on this version of the Triple SMA Crossover forex mechanical system, other metrics are lookin’ good!

But before we delve into the metrics, make sure you’ve reviewed the system rules for the Triple SMA Crossover Version 3.0 then take look at the trade signals generated over the backtesting period of one year:

triple SMA forex version 3As you can see, all the positions taken were able to lock in profits at 100 pips before keeping the rest of the trade open until a new signal is generated or the 200-pip trailing stop is hit. While this generated a lower overall profit compared to the Triple SMA Crossover Version 2.0, it was able to convert those losing trades into profitable ones. Heck, the tweaked system had no losing trade at all!

triple SMA forex metricsI always mention that it’s not enough to just look at the P/L in evaluating the system, as most of you have also pointed out that majority of the profits of the previous versions of this system were simply generated by a single big win. With the recent adjustments made, the forex mechanical system appears to be generating a better win ratio even for the smaller trends.

I’ll save the rest of my comments on this third version of the Triple SMA Crossover mechanical system for my overall system review next week. Stay tuned!