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Are you in a losing streak and struggling to get your trading mojo back? Here are a few simple things to review to get your head back in the game.

Losing streaks aren’t uncommon in the trading world. All traders have hit losing streaks at one point or another. Heck, even the most consistently profitable pros have their slumps!

A slump can start with anything. It can begin with one huge loss that wipes out all your profits up to that point, or it can be a series of small trades.

The common theme is that, not only does to it put your account in the red, but it also damages your trading psyche.

Once a trader hits a losing streak, his/her pride can get in the way and he/she will do anything to recoup the losses.

This can lead to revenge trading where he/she presses that he/she is correct and that the market is wrong. Others also end up “betting the farm” as they try to win everything back with a homerun trade, but this can lead to disastrous results.

So what should you do to get out of the slump?

Trading psychologist Brett Steenbarger suggests taking a closer look at the following:

1. Trade breakdown

Take a look at all the trades you’ve taken to see which setups are winning and which aren’t. That’s right, ALL your trades.

It takes a lot of time to go through your entire trading journal just to figure out which trades have been working for you and which haven’t. But hey, a few hours is a small price to pay to get your trading mojo back, right?

As you review your past trades, break the data down into trade sessions, currency pairs, long or short position, trade strategies, etc. This will help you identify winning patterns that you don’t usually recognize while trading.

2. Stops and targets

Review the trades you ended up losing because you either set your stop too tight or your profit target too far.

Did you take current market volatility into account? Bear in mind that some pairs are prone to wider swings. Were you able to consider the particular pair’s volatility as well?

Just remember that if you are expecting more than the usual amount of volatility from the markets or the currency pair that you’re trading, make sure you set your stop a tad wider.

But if volatility is toned down and the markets are moving sideways, don’t be too ambitious with your profit targets.

3. Position size

If you’re in a losing streak, consider reducing your trade size and risking less until you get back in the groove. Stop fretting over your P/L for a bit and focus on getting a better feel of the market and regaining your trading consistency.

Once you’ve got that down pat, you can gradually start increasing your trade size again.

“Okay, I’ve identified which trade strategies that usually work and the adjustments that I need to make. Now what?”

Well, what are you waiting for? Use those strategies and make those adjustments, of course! The sooner you get back in sync with the markets, the better.

If you’ve put in enough effort to review your journal, make the necessary adjustments, and stick you the setups that work, your account will thank you for it.

But remember to keep your position size small as you regain confidence and rebuild your account. While there’s no guarantee that your trades will turn out to be winners, at least you are in control of how much you risk per trade.