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Now that I’ve got a bit more time on my hands during the holidays, I’ve been able to tally my trading performance numbers for the past few months. Was I able to end up positive and do I get to buy myself a new pair of boots this time? Here’s a recap of my Q4 trades and the lessons I’ve learned.

Forex Trading Performance

DATE TRADE IDEA P/L in pips P/L in %
Oct 5 NZD/USD Rising Wedge Breakdown +175 +0.54
Oct 24 AUD/NZD Double Bottom -100 -0.10
Oct 27 AUD/USD Downside Momentum -100 -0.30
Nov 3 EUR/AUD Long-Term Selloff Not triggered Not triggered
Nov 10 NZD/CAD Uptrend Pullback +5 +0.03
Dec 14 Long-Term USD/CAD Support  +90 +0.08

No. of Forex Trade Ideas:  6
Trades Triggered: 5
No. of Wins: 3
No. of Losses: 2
No. of Break Even Trades: 0
Win %: 60%
Average Gain Per Winning Trade: +0.22%
Average Loss Per Losing Trade: -0.20%

Total P/L in %: +0.25

Yep, I had fewer trades this quarter compared to the previous ones this year as staying in sync with market developments was tougher than keeping up with the Kardashians! There were a number of top-tier market events such as the U.S. elections and the OPEC meeting that spurred a lot of speculative activity and headline-driven moves in October and November so I chose the safer bet of sitting on my hands and waiting for the outcomes first. I learned my lesson after getting blown away on sudden reversals in the past!

On a more positive note, I think I’m making some progress in terms of cutting my losses when I need to. Although it did involve a lot of silent inner screaming, I was able to recognize market situations that required me to exit early instead of leaving my position to chalk up a larger dent.

However, this cautiousness also prevented me from grabbing profitable opportunities that I merely posted as watchlist setups like this one on EUR/AUD. Shaky confidence in my analysis also kept me from catching a potentially larger win on this USD/CAD long position. It’s been a challenge trying to balance the right amount of prudence in terms of trimming losses or staying out of sketchy trade setups while reminding myself to trust my strategy and risk management rules!

Looking ahead, I will continue to remind myself to take note of potential changes in fundamental biases or overall market sentiment while managing my open positions. So far, I think I’ve been able to incorporate the lessons I’ve learned in earlier quarters, namely adjusting stops to the pair’s volatility and putting more faith in my economic analysis so I’m gonna reward myself with a peppermint mocha later today.

Got any tips on how I could improve my performance? As always, I love getting your feedback on my trading decisions. 



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