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For me, Summer is a good time to downshift; not necessarily to less trading but rather to shorter time frames. I like to stay current with the markets and most traders do. We LOVE the markets–the game, the moves, the psychology–HOWEVER this time of year does present challenges, especially in light of the transitions OUT of trends that we have seen.

The AUD strength play? On vacation. The NZD? Barely hanging in there. EUR weakness? 1.37 could bamboozle many bears. How about the JPY? With the Nikkei in it’s seasonal weak pattern and the Dow trading heavy, look for strength…and do it all on shorter-term time frames or using a more nimble approach.

This video isn’t just about trading through Summer through. It’s about handling any kind of market transition and the subsequent lack of organization that often follows. I explain what I am seeing and how I handle this kind of market in this week’s forex video.

Watch it all here!

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