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Greetings, earthlings! I’ve been testing the tweaks I’ve made to the SMA Crossover Pullback forex mechanical system lately and here’s how the numbers are looking. Oh, in case you haven’t seen the original system rules yet, make sure you check ’em out right here.

As I’ve mentioned in the quarterly performance update, there were still a few positions left open by the end of September that I’ll be including in this quarter’s tally. And since this update covers three weeks’ worth of data, I just summarized the forex trade signals and results in one neat table instead of pulling up all the charts. Tada!

SMA Crossover Pullback forex signalsThe forex system was able to chalk up a total of 371 pips in gains, amounting to a 2.47% profit (assuming 1% risk per position). Not bad, eh?

The trailing stop seems to be doing a pretty good job of locking in more pips, as early exit signals were made in a few instances before the moving averages showed new crossovers or before price hit the initial stop. I think this risk management adjustment is for keeps!

Only one forex position (long GBP/USD) was left open until the end of the other week so I’ll be keeping close tabs on that one, as well as any new signals that pop up. Stay tuned!