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Greetings, my dear humans! I’m covering a couple of weeks’ worth of forex signals from the SMA Crossover Pullback mechanical system today. If this is the first time you’re reading about this strategy, make sure you check out its forex trading rules right here.

The previous forex positions had to be closed early when new crossovers were seen. Soon after, several new signals popped up but it was mostly Chopsville, especially for AUD/USD.

AUD/USD 1-hour Forex Chart
AUD/USD 1-hour Forex Chart

EUR/JPY showed a new long signal but this also had to be closed early when the moving averages made another crossover.

EUR/JPY 1-hour Forex Chart
EUR/JPY 1-hour Forex Chart

EUR/USD also made a new long signal and this one’s still open.

EUR/USD 1-hour Forex Chart
EUR/USD 1-hour Forex Chart

Ditto for Cable, which gave a long entry signal that was open until the end of the week.

GBP/USD 1-hour Forex Chart
GBP/USD 1-hour Forex Chart

Here are the latest positions:

SMA Crossover Pullback Positions as of Aug. 21, 2015
Pair Position Entry SL PT Status P/L  (pips) P/L  (%)
EUR/JPY Short 136.00 137.50 133.00 Closed  -126  -0.84
EUR/USD Short 1.0970 1.1120 1.0670 Closed  -72 -0.48
AUD/USD Long 0.7350 0.7200 0.7650 Closed  -10  -0.06
EUR/JPY Long 138.25 136.75 141.25 Closed  -30  -0.20
GBP/USD Short 1.5570 1.5720 1.5370 Closed -36  -0.24
EUR/USD Long 1.1120 1.0970 1.1420 Open  –
GBP/USD Long 1.5580 1.5430 1.5880 Open  –
AUD/USD Short .7380 .7530 .7080 Closed 0 0
AUD/USD Long .7330 .7180 .7630 Closed -26  -0.17

For the previous weeks, the SMA Crossover Pullback system saw a 300-pip loss or a 2% dent on the account. It’s not looking so good that the strategy has churned out losses for all its valid signals over that period, as the market was ranging then. Got any ideas on how this system can filter out those choppy moves?