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My own mistakes painstakingly studied, relived, & mended. Thousands of students trained and observed. And you get it on a silver platter.

Why? Because it’s time you let go the endless pursuit of the next tactic, indicator, and strategy and start OPTIMIZING WHAT YOU KNOW. The funny, ironic, and awesome part is that it’s simple…just not easy!

But knowing where you are going wrong, recognizing what those mistakes are is the first step to avoiding them. You can’t avoid the pothole when you don’t see it. And this is NOT touchy-feely, psychology stuff or the rehashed (too much leverage and no trading plan) stuff. I’m getting specific. These are tactical, avoidable mistakes that you may be making day in and day out. Sure, some are mental errors but many of the fixes for such errors are a more concrete understanding and CERTAINTY about the very strategies you are using when WHEN you use them. Make sense?

Let’s talk about the first five (there are actually 14 that I have tallied up through the years!)

I walk you through these five first:

1) Not Dissecting the Pair
2) Lack of Harmony
3) No Clear Individual Currency Story
4) Lack of Directional Bias
5) “Point of Validity” Vs. Pips

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