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Woah, time flies when you’re catching pips, huh? Now that the first quarter is over, it’s time for me to give y’all a quick update on my forex trading performance so far. Here are the numbers:

Trading Performance

DATE TRADE IDEA P/L in pips P/L in %
Jan 7 AUD/USD Descending Trend Line +80 +0.80%
Jan 14 EUR/AUD Short-Term Pullback -50 -0.50%
Jan 22 Another EUR/AUD Retracement 0 0.00%
Jan 28 AUD/CAD Long-Term Reversal 0 0.00%
Feb 3 USD/CAD Trend Pullback -200 -1.00%
Feb 10 Short-Term AUD/USD Pullback Not triggered Not triggered
Feb 24 USD/CAD Descending Triangle +150 +1.00%
Mar 2 AUD/JPY Short-Term Pullback +10 +0.10%
Mar 9 Hopping in EUR/NZD’s Downtrend +600 +1.50%
Mar 16 USD/CAD Position Trade 0 0

No. of Trade Ideas:  10
Trades Triggered: 9
No. of Wins: 4
No. of Losses: 2
No. of Break Even Trades: 3
Win %: 40%
Average Gain Per Winning Trade: +210 pips / +0.85%
Average Loss Per Losing Trade: -125 pips / -0.75%

Total P/L: +590 pips / +1.90%

I was off to a bit of a slow start this quarter as I had one winning trade followed by a losing one, before logging in a couple of breakeven plays. But after a huge 200-pip loss and a canceled trade, I was able to chalk up three winners in a row! That pretty much made my quarter and allowed me to close in the green.

As I’ve mentioned in my latest set of trade reviews, I could’ve ended up with more gains had I managed my risk better and locked in some pips instead of watching them all vanish during a top-tier event. That aside, I think I did make some improvements with my trading performance this quarter, as I mustered the guts to manage several open positions at a time and stay in trends much longer.

Besides, my average gains in pips and percentages are higher than my average losses so I’m gonna call this a good quarter. Got any tips on what else I should work on?


Happy time

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