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Was this mech system able to sustain its stellar run from the previous week? Take a look at the latest positions to find out!

If this is the first time you’re reading about this strategy, I suggest you take a look at the system rules before reading on.

Also, this version makes use of an adjusted stop loss size (from the original 20% of the first candlestick to 40% of its length) on both USD/JPY and GBP/JPY.

First up, here are the valid signals on USD/JPY:

USD/JPY 4-hour Forex Chart
USD/JPY 4-hour Forex Chart

There were a few more inside bar patterns that formed earlier in the week, but I’ve only marked the ones that had their entries filled. Here’s how those trades turned out:

Ooh, a bit of a mixed bag with this one! USD/JPY was off to a good start with back-to-back wins, but it wound up returning most of the gains with a couple of stopped out positions.

Here’s how Guppy is looking:

GBP/JPY 4-hour Forex Chart
GBP/JPY 4-hour Forex Chart

This pair also had a couple more inside bar patterns, but the ones marked above are signals that got triggered.

WOAH! Seven consecutive wins for Guppy right here!

Just when I thought the previous week’s five-week winning streak was already impressive, crunching the numbers revealed that the wins amounted to a jaw-dropping 421 pips!

All in all, the system was able to round up a total of 436 pips, and the percentage win depends on how position sizes are calculated. Now that tops the gains over the system’s ten-week winning streak.

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