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Greetings, earthlings. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for the results of my forward tests on the Amazing Crossover system… and I’ve got ’em right here!

Before all that though, make sure you take a look at the following blog entries first:

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And now, here are the forward testing numbers:

forward test amazing crossover forexFor the first three weeks of the month, the mechanical system was able to generate a total of 9 trades and 246 pips, amounting to 2.46% in gains. Of course I set a 100-pip stop, as the system poster recommended, and risked a standard 1% per trade.

I’ve already received a lot of comments from fellow traders saying that they were impressed with this system, and I gotta say I’m blown away too! This is probably one of the best human-made mechanical trading systems I’ve ever seen so far, as it had no losing trades for the month and a pretty solid win ratio.

As I mentioned in my backtest results entry, I’m digging the 20-pip trailing stop since it allows the trader to hold on to recent gains. I also like how the RSI filters out volatile signals when the market is moving sideways. But I’m getting ahead of myself… I’ll save the rest of my comments on this system for next week’s overall review based on my framework for mechanical systems.

Have any of y’all tried this system out yourselves? How did your results turn out?