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The EUR pop I was waiting for didn’t quite happen like I hoped, but the strategy is on! I am still a EUR seller on rallies. In other words, I am looking for those opportunities to sell into EUR strength (and that means keeping an eye on USD weakness as well).

If you want to “catch up” on this conversation, please feel free to watch the following first:

The idea is to find those pairs with “DB” (Directional Bias) and take advantage of the CLARITY a daily trend provides. If your watchlist was comprised of nothing but those symbols with “12 to 2” or “4 to 6 o’clock” trends, that would be a powerful watchlist in and of itself.

Add to that individual currencies “in play” via the economic calendar and you have a solid list that could offer 1) Clarity and 2) Attention/Volatility. It’s THIS combination that I like to focus on primarily.

The AUD and EUR are my FAVE individual currency stories

These two videos will give you a clear picture of what I will be focusing on in this post-ECB environment!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them here at the blog!

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