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Welcome to a brand-spankin’ new trading month!

Whether you like trading the majors or you like checking out comdoll crosses more, I got your back with simple range trades on USD/CHF and AUD/JPY.

Take a look at their 4-hour charts!

USD/CHF: 4-hour

USD/CHF 4-hour Forex Chart

USD/CHF 4-hour Forex Chart

For those who like trading them U.S. dollars, you should know that USD/CHF is consolidating at an inflection point that’s been around since late November.

An oscillator is also telling us that USD/CHF is “oversold” on the 4-hour time frame.

Think USD/CHF is headed higher? Buying at the first signs of bullish momentum would make for a good trade especially if USD/CHF climbs back up to the .9250 mid-range or .9280 range resistance levels.

If the consolidation leads to a downside breakout, however, then you should also be ready for USD/CHF to test its previous lows.

I’m talkin’ about the .9100 lows that USD/CHF visited in November 2021 and in January 2022!

AUD/JPY: 4-hour

AUD/JPY 4-hour Chart

AUD/JPY 4-hour Chart

Can’t get enough of ranges? Check out AUD/JPY hanging out just above the 83.50 area!

As you can see, AUD/JPY hasn’t broken above the level since mid-January. What’s more, Stochastic chillin’ at the overbought territory would probably get the Aussie bears’ attention.

If you see AUD/JPY getting rejected at around current levels, then y’all better be ready for some more range action. The 83.00 mid-range levels is a good place to target though you can also aim for the 82.00 range support zone.

Before you sell AUD like there’s no tomorrow, though, you gotta note that the last coupla green candlesticks put price action on the bulls’ side. That means we could still see an upside breakout!

A clear break and then sustained trading above the range resistance could push AUD/JPY to the 2022 highs near 84.25. Watch this one closely!