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I see that you couldn’t stay away. That’s awesome! Read on… this is the final installment of the Disorganized Crime series. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed any previous post, just make your way over to the Pipsychology Archives. Chapter 3 continues where Chapter 2 left off, but you already know that. Tally-Ho!

  1. Task list review
    1. Daily Task list – spend the first 10-15 minutes of your day going over your primary Forex related items (and non-Forex related items if you must J) for the day.  This is a must!  This will start your day off thinking about the things that really need to be completed. Read over your list multiple times and be thorough about it, mister. The point of this Daily Task list is to keep the important stuff fresh in your head. The more you think about it, and the more you think about starting or accomplishing the task today, the better your chances of actually acting on it.
    2. Weekly accomplishments – Keep a record of what you get done during the week.  This task helps you realize that you ARE moving along and progressing towards becoming a better trader.  If your lists ends up too short, it’s time to revisit your level of commitment to trading.  Do you have the time to put into becoming a super trader? It’s not an overnight thing, let me tell you.
    3. Create new goals and targets – This is straightforward. Whethers it’s for fun or about learning or training or even trading, having a clear goal in mind keeps you focused and gives you somthing to work towards.  Keep the goals coming! Simple, right?
  1. Set up regular meetings with your trading buddies – Remember back in college or high school when you attended one of those oh-so productive study sessions at a friend’s house or at the local library?  Remember how you accomplished so much work?  Yea, me too…  Well, it’s a different story today.  Apparently Forex trading is attention-grabbing to you in some way and you might even have (or want to have) a vested interest in it (possibly in the form of …cash-money, maybe?).  That should force you to put your thinking cap on.  But why do it alone?  Two heads, or three or four, are better than one, so I hear.
    1. Meet online – You don’t even have to leave the comforts of home.  Use your favorite online meeting tool and discuss
    2. Meet in person – Some folks do better with face-to-face interaction, and I admit the online meetings can get a bit old.  Always be sure, however, that if it’s your first meeting, pick a public place with loads of people, and bring a stun gun and mace.  Now, if you know the people, mace will do you just fine.  Ha. Just watch your back, and front, and side.
  1. Take a break – we all need a day or two off.  If you have a day job, you more than likely also have one or two days off on the weekend.  Now, what if you didn’t have those days off?  You’d go nutso!  I know I would.
  2. Take that needed vacation or take just an afternoon or weekend off from trading to recharge your batteries.  Forex trading gets emotional (if you let it!) and can create an anxious state of mind waiting for those trades to win big!  Don’t let these feelings prevail, because they could trickle down your brain stem and start affecting you physically.  Even worse!

  1. Do the tough stuff first – Someone once said, and it slips my mind who, that you should start your day doing the things you don’t want or like to do.  I’m a huge advocate of this. Get the dull, boring, super-duper hard, tedious stuff out of the way and you’re home free! Try it out – it works!

    Done, that’s it. Finito. As a courtesy to you the reader, remember that what you’ve learned throughout the Disorganized Crime series is reusable and best of all, FREE!. That’s right, come back and read it, and read it some more, and then read it again. Get it tatooed on your arm, or your back, or the palm of your hand. Keep the checklists with you or put them in a journal for future use. Remember that changing your habits is an ongoing process and that it will take time to master. But like most things, if you put in the time and effort, you’ll surely be rewarded. Enjoy!