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Main Trend

Current Trend= Up

Today’s trend was up and and I only looked for long trades.

Today’s Surf

The Cowabunga system had a long signal at 10:45 pm ET last night. The entry was at 9444 with a stop at 9425. Since the entry was right below the 50 level, I decided to go for the same amount of pips I was risking, which in this case was 19 pips. I rounded up and set my target for +20 pips at 9464, which was hit at 11:45 pm ET. I know I missed alot of that move during the Cable rally but my trade occurred before midnight so I was being extra careful. I also didn’t re-enter because although I did see more moving average crossovers, my MACD was already positive and that doesn’t fit into my trading rules.

Trade Result: +20 Pips