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The Queen is sick with a royal case of the stomach flu so your regularly schedule program…well you know…as soon as I am able to sit upright, I’ll be back!

But in the meanwhile I have been somewhat enjoying my bedrest because of’s overnight delivery. I am reading a book of interviews right now, it’s called “The Heretics of Finance”. I actually just got it this afternoon and rushed to the chapter interviewing one of my favorite traders, Linda Bradford Raschke…she’s da bomb.

“Sometimes the best moves happen when nobody can figure out why; so I’m purely interested in basic supply and demand, and in the balance that’s there. I don’t care why the market is doing what it’s doing. I’m a purist. I don’t do any fundamentals at all.” – Linda Bradford Raschke

Think about this: How often to fundamentals (and I’ll throw most analysts in this mix) explain what has happened only after the fact?

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