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Knowing that I have to constantly continue my education and knowledge in trading, I do try to read at least one or two books a month to stay fresh and check out different ideas. I thought I’d start sharing my thoughts and promote books that I think would be great for newbies to check out. I’d like to kick off this new feature by sharing a book I picked up today by Rob Booker called “Adventures of a Currency Trader: A Fable about Trading, Courage, and Doing the Right Thing.”

Quick Synopsis: This is a fictitious story about Harry Banes, who goes from a file clerk manager at a law firm to a full time trader.

That’s pretty much all I’m going to reveal about the story. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody who plans on reading this book because I think EVERY new trader should read this book. Actually, before reading a word on technical analysis or trading strategies and systems, this should be the first book to read for anyone new to trading! (No, Rob Booker didn’t pay me to write this, but if he wants to, I’m not going to say no… :-D)

Rob Booker did a wonderful job in creating an engaging, motivating, as well as educational story of a man who got bit by the “trading bug” and never looked back. Of course, Harry’s road to full time trading wasn’t an easy one. His story is probably one that all of us who trade now can very much relate to (which is probably the reason why I couldn’t put the book down). For those who haven’t started trading yet, this book will show the right mindset needed to last in this game, as well as what “shooting from the hip” can do to your account versus preparation and hard work.

I think this would be a great read for those already in the “trading game;” especially those who find themselves in a slump or complacent with their own trading. This book will fire you up to re-examine yourself and your own methods.

So, check out Rob Booker’s book, “Adventures of a Currency Trader: A Fable about Trading, Courage, and Doing the Right Thing.” Your trading account will thank me for it! 🙂

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