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Bitcoin continues to slide and is currently testing the $46,000 level. For Bitcoin bulls, the start of this holiday week isn’t looking so merry.

The U.S. stock market opened this morning deep in the red and this risk-off sentiment is taking bitcoin down with it. ↘️

Over the weekend, we had a bunch of negative news such as:

  • Democratic Senator Joe Manchin pulling his support for President Biden’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” plan.
  • Dr. Fauci warning that the extraordinarily contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus is raging worldwide and would likely strain hospitals and cause another major surge in the United States.
  • Netherlands reimposing a strict lockdown and UK saying that it won’t rule out new measures over Omicron.

Looking at Bitcoin’s Heat Map on MarketMilk™, it ain’t looking pretty for the bulls.

Bitcoin Heat Map - 12/20/2021

Looking the charts, it’s hard to be too optimisitic right now.

On the weekly chart, price managed to close below its 50 SMA (purple line).

Bitcoin 1W Chart - 12/20/2021

While BTC is still technically in an uptrend with price still showing higher lows, this breakdown below the 50 SMA is something to watch. 👁️

We’ll see this week if price can recover back above this moving average, so whether it will act as a dynamic resistance area.

On the daily chart, price closed below its 200 SMA (blue line) a couple days ago and remains below it. 😭

Bitcoin 1D Chart - 12/20/2021

If the $45,000 level (dotted white line) can’t hold here as support, look for price to fall back down to previous support area of $40,000 back in late September.

Overall, price action looks bearish. 🐻

In order for this to change, I would need price to close back above its 200 SMA and the $50,000 level.

Unless we can get some positive news to switch overall market risk sentiment back to risk-on, then bitcon (BTC/USD) looks like it will either chop around its 200 SMA or will continue to fall.

With Omicron doom-and-gloom news as the dominant narrative right now, the oods for a Santa Clause rally for bitcoin and the overall crypto market is looking slim. 😟

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