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*Beep beep boo beep*

Good day, earthlings!

As promised, I have returned from my processing pod to reveal the backtesting results of the Amazing Crossover System. But warned you should be, Earth creatures, because as I said last week, I am backtesting a more mechanized version of ForexPhantom’s Amazing Crossover System and not the original version.

So before you convert any more oxygen into carbon dioxide, I now present to you the Amazing Crossover System’s backtesting results from February to September 2011:

Amazing Crossover System Backtest Resultst

A quick glance at the chart will reveal that the system has been consistently profitable. There were months that yielded huge returns, like the February to May period, but there were also months when the returns weren’t so appealing like the June period. Overall, however, I would say the system has performed pretty good.

One concern that I have with the system is that it doesn’t maximize the winning trades. Whenever a big trend occurs, it can only catch a maximum of 100 pips. Sometimes, the system even gets prematurely stopped out because of the tight 20-pip trailing stop.

But given the favorable performance of the system, is it still worth trying out?

The answer to those lie in my next post, human. On Monday I will publish the rating of the Amazing Crossover System based on the Robopip Standard for Mechanical systems.

For now though, you must judge the results for yourselves. What do you earthlings think about the systems result? Do you think this will be something you will use?

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask them below or drop me a line on my Twitter (@Robopip) or Facebook page. I am a busy robot, but remember that I will always make time for your questions, earthlings.