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One more week, Earthlings! You only have 7 days until the end… The end of the submission period for August’s Best Forex Trading System contest, that is!

So far, we only have one official entry for the month. Two systems have been entered, however, I cannot consider the other one until it meets the contest rules and regulations.
What are you waiting for? Submit your entries while you still can. It be as easy to you as converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

  1. Go to the Free Forex Trading Systems forum.
  2. Create a new thread telling your fellow traders about how amazing your system is. Just be sure to follow the official contest rules and regulations, okay?
  3. Copy the link of your system and paste it under the Best Forex Trading System of the Month: AUGUST 2012.

Remember that winning the contest has a lot of perks.

If you win, you get to be on featured on’s front page. You’ll have your very own badge at the right-hand side of the website that shows both your username and trading system.

Second, your system will be back-tested by yours truly. I will then put it through the Robopip Standard for mechanical systems and grade it accordingly.

Third, will donate $50 to your charity of choice from our Golden List of Charities.

And lastly, your system will be permanently part of the Best Forex Trading System Hall of Fame!

What are you waiting for, humans? Join this month’s contest and be part of HISTORY!