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Good day, earthlings!

Your time is running out! No, I’m not talking about your planet Earth…yet. I’m talking about your last chance at submitting an entry to April’s Best Forex Trading System contest!

That’s right, I’m only giving you until tomorrow, April 24, 2012, to put up your entry on the Best Forex Trading System of the Month: April 2012 thread.

If you don’t have one of your own, you can also submit that of other forex traders or forum users. Just be sure to give the credit where credit is due. As you humans say, honesty is the best policy!

All it takes to submit a system are these three easy steps:

Step 1: Drop on by the Free Forex Trading Systems forum.

Step 2: Start a new thread explaining your system. Please abide by the official rules and regulations. Only COMPLETE descriptions of your system will be entertained.

Step 3: Copy the link of your system thread and paste it in the Best Forex Trading System of the Month: April 2012 thread.

Step 4: Deposit $1,000,000 into my forex account. Ha! Yes, it is true. Robopip has learned how to make jokes.

Lastly, forget we shall not about our “You Trade, We Aid” campaign. This means that if your system is voted as the best for April, not only will your system be backtested and graded, but the FX-men will be donating $50 to a charity of your choosing from our Golden List of Charities!

What are you waiting for humanoid? Go forth and submit your trading systems now!

Holy grail… Find you, we must!