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My last update was all about risk and the fact that as March as winding to a close, the environment which was mainly risk aversion was starting to turn. I warned of a transition. Today’s update is all about the aftermath.

I usually like to post these going into the weekend, and that’s a seminar in your robe presentation where I get in-depth on what I see going on in the market with a more educational slant.

Well I recorded this one today so while it’s fresh “out of the oven” and still toasty warm I wanted to deliver it!

There’s been a lot going on the market and yesterday was really a crescendo of sorts with the S&P and USDJPY (finally!) rolling over. These set ups were really the last of a handful of risk OFF positions that I have been putting on. It started with the AUD/JPY breakdown.

4-11-2012 12-32-38 PM.jpg

and has really shown just how much fear hit the market yesterday with the S&P tumbling below 1,370.

4-11-2012 12-37-25 PM.jpg

The culmination is now a full-blown risk OFF play that needs the risk aversion to continue to rally the yen, pressure equities, and keep just enough QE concern on the U.S. dollar that it remains in it’s daily triangle pattern range.

4-11-2012 12-39-45 PM.jpg

So with all that said, here’s my Forextra Hour presentation! It runs 52-minutes. I hope you like it. I share a TON of insight into my trading, strategies, and positions so I think it will be a terrific companion to my BabyPips updates!

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