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Congratulations, traders! With your help, the “You Trade, We Aid” campaign has been a huge success!

It’s been almost 6 months since we launched the campaign and already we have donated $560 to charity, all thanks to your efforts in participating in the Trade of the Week and the monthly Best Forex Trading System contests! This just goes to show that you guys have got big hearts to go with your big brains!

For those of you unfamiliar with the You Trade, We Aid campaign, it was designed to give members of the community the opportunity to share trade ideas and trading systems while giving to charity. Two birds with one stone, basically!

For every contest submission that we receive, donates money to the Charity of the Month. And contest winners get an extra treat as they get the chance to select which charity they want their winnings to go to. Awesome, right?

Below, you will find the numbers and donations for the first 5 months of the program:


All in all, we’ve had a total of 94 submissions to the Trade of the Week contest, and 16 entries to the Best Forex Trading contest. Way to go fellas!

Below is a small compilation of the types of donations we were able to purchase with the charity funds. Yes, we really bought a camel!


Hopefully, the next 5 months will be just as successful as the last five. Don’t be afraid to keep sending in those trade ideas and mechanical systems. Not only will you be lending a helping hand, but at the very least, it should be a great learning experience for you as you learn from other forex traders.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to improve the contest, feel free to hit up the comment box below! Don’t be shy!

Once again, thank you all for your participation! Keep em’ coming folks!