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The winner of September’s Best Trading System of the Month contest goes to the Amazing Crossover System, which was shared by ForexPhantom. Even though the system was created by someone else, it was he that posted it in the forums for the world to see!

The Amazing Crossover System

The Amazing Crossover System is a system that uses two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the hourly chart to follow the trend. It works on almost any pair since the system is purely technical in nature.

Even though its buy and sell signals are inflexible, you can set profit targets and stop loss levels at your discretion. This allows the trader to exercise a bit of creativity and apply his or her own personality to the system.

EMA crossover

Pictured above is a sample of a couple of the sweet setups that the Amazing Crossover System has generated. As you can see, the system doesn’t clutter your charts as it’s pretty neat and simple.

It’s also quite newbie friendly. You just wait for a crossover, check if RSI meets the requirements, and go with the flow! No wonder this system got so many votes!

Congratulations, ForexPhantom! The people have spoken and the system that you have shared was the best for the month of September.

If you’re interested in the system and want to try it out, just head on over to ForexPhantom’s thread. He also shows a couple of profitable trades that he has taken with the system.

So that wraps up another awesome, pip-tastic round of our contest! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Although September’s contest has come to an end, October’s search for the best forex trading system has just begun! So turn that frown upside down and start submitting your forex trading systems!

But before I let you all go, I’d like to make a very important announcement: THE ALIENS ARE TAKING OVER! That’s right, folks. From this moment on, Robopip, our resident mechanical system expert from another planet, will be taking over the Best Forex Trading System contest.

That means that starting this month, he will be in charge of posting all announcements and results, and he will handle all the forum duties for our beloved contest. Get acquainted with Robopip and make it a habit to check out his blog, the Art of Automation, for updates on the contest!