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Good day, fellow traders. The moment ya’ll been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to reveal the winner of the Best Forex Trading System for the month of June.

Drum roll please…

The winner of June’s Best Forex Trading System is…

The “Big E Trading” system!!!

“Big E Trading” was able to reign supreme in a landslide victory and receive a whopping 41 votes.

“Big E Trading” is a trend-following system was first developed by a trader named Eelfranz. johnnykanoo, being the cool guy that he is, found the system very easy and simple, and decided to share it with the community. Since then, the system has gotten quite a big following!

“Big E Trading” uses three indicators: Heiken Ashi candles, the Traders Dynamic Index (TDI), and Stochastic. If you don’t have those indicators in your MT4, don’t worry because johnnykanoo also attached a template file in his post. How cool is that?!

It was originally made for the 4-hour timeframe but johnnykanoo prefers 1-charts. You can use the forex trading system on any pair you like.

To read more about the system and to figure out how it works, just head on over to the “Big E Trading” discussion thread.

Congratulations, johnnykanoo! You deserve it!

Is this the Holy Grail system?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna find out! Of course our search for the Holy Grail doesn’t just end here. We need to backtest the results and evaluate the rules of the system itself according to risk tolerance and consistency, among many other factors.

Unfortunately, I am already extremely busy spying on forex brokers, looking for inside scoop from regulatory agencies, and trying to run two contests at a time! Don’t forget that I’m also running the search for the next top model, oops I mean Trade of the Week, regularly. Hey, even ninjas need a break!

I’m gonna need a little help with backtesting and evaluating mechanical trading systems, and I’ve already sought the assistance of a brand-spankin’ new blogger to do that. Y’all better be ready to give him a nice warm welcome soon!

In the meantime, I could also use your help in designing a nice badge of honor for our Best Forex Trading System and Trade of the Week winners. These traders deserve recognition for making an effort to apply what they learned in the School of Pipsology and contributing to the forex community. Aside from being featured in our Hall of Fame in the forums and in our monthly newsletter, I also plan to put this badge in the front page:

Front page badge

I know I know, I’m not exactly gifted with creative skills. I’m a ninja, for crying out loud!

How do you suggest I improve these badges? If your name was to be put on the front page through this badge, how should it look like? This badge is going to be linked to your mechanical trading system rules in the forums so it better be just as awesome!

I’d really appreciate your feedback and I’ll be sure to give you a shout out if I end up using your ideas so, go on, post ’em in the comment box below. No need to be shy!

Oh, and if you missed the bus on this month’s Best Forex Trading System of the Month contest, don’t worry, the July contest will commence in a few days!

Make sure you read up on the rules and regulations before you submit your pip-winning entry, and see to it that your friends, family, ex-girlfriends, and even your neighbors vote for your entry.

Spread the word!