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Since the new Trade Journal feature update, we’ve had some ideas on the back burner on how to make it even better! This time, we’re hoping to keep the momentum going by serving you a bunch of improvements for trade journaling–and even a little something extra on the side!

Publish Open and Pending Trades from your Trade Basket

Now, aside from sharing closed trades, you can really get your network in on the action by publishing open and pending trades from your trade basket. Publishing them not only keeps your followers in the loop when it comes to your trading activity, but also allows your network to comment on them too!

You never know when a piece of advice from some friendly forex guru could help you decide on your own whether to close a trade before you’re too far deep in the red, or to hold out for some extra pips by hanging on for a little bit more. Virtual high fives from your trader friends for jumping on an awesome trade opportunity are always appreciated too, of course.

Open and Pending Trades

It’s history in the making! MT4Sync automatically updates your trade history!

With the ability to journal all your trades from your MT4 account, MT4Sync makes updating even easier for you! Rest easy knowing that as long as you’ve got your MT4 platform running,‘s servers will do the rest, automatically updating your trade history.

This means that from Pending, to Open, to Closing on that monster gain, you don’t have to lift a finger to update your journal. It even updates any T/P or S/L settings you’ve made. With this new feature, you can focus more on trading and less on the chores of journaling. Now all you and your followers need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your trades just flow right into your account…Sweet!

It's Auto Magic!

A do-it-yourself email address fix

Aside from the tweaks we made on the trade journal, we’ve included the ability to change your registered email address on Did you sign up with that old, embarrassing email address from years back? (Yeah, we’re looking at you, From the “Account and Settings” page, you can now change your email address yourself.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more updates real soon!