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Last week we did a quick hashtag trend within the forex community. We used the hashtag “#mustfollowfx” which people can add to their tweets if they want to vote for their recommended forex tweeters. Interestingly enough, we received over 100 twitter usernames! Clearly that’s a long list!

So, what we did was to tally all the names and come up with the top 25 Twitter usernames that the Forex Twitter community voted for. (We initially tweeted 20 usernames but we thought it would be nicer if you can see five more people.You’ll have more choices!)

Here you go folks, the top 20 forex tweeters our Twitter friends voted for last week! You can vote for up to 11 people. We’ll have a 1-week voting period and then we’ll publish the well-deserving 11 forex tweeps.

Of course, if you have any questions, hit us up on twitter: @babypips